Database Dimensions is a consulting firm based in the Phoenix, Arizona area by Steve Larrison.  Database Dimensions specializes designing and developing Business Intelligence applications.  For years the prescribed architecture for analytical systems was relatively cut and dried.  The reference data architecture consisted of a business intelligence solution that would serve the needs of most clients was as follows:

1) Relational database(s) as the source of data for the data warehouse

2) ETL or ELT jobs using either custom code, or tools such as Informatica, Oracle Data Integrator, Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) or other similar tools to extract data from various silos of information, clean and transform data nto a common shape, and give it a common semantic and syntactic form to make analysis of data from dissimilar systems possible

3) A 3rd Normal Form Inmon-style Operational Data Store (ODS) as the repository of that transformed information

4) A Kimball style Star Schema build on top of the ODS that either existed in multi-dimensional cubes, or in a physical database.

5) OLAP tools such as MicroStrategy, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), Cognos, or Business Objects allowing end users to run canned reports and do some ad hoc analysis of data, while more intensive statistical analysis was performed in tools like SAS or SSPS

But then the world started to change.

Those changes are the subject of this blog.  Topics such as Big Data, Hadoop, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Graph Databases, and using modern information technologies to solve age-old business problems will be covered.  We will be diving deep into various technologies, but also talking about larger strategic issues and how to solve problems for various industries. 

Hopefully you will enjoy the journey with me.